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Inspiring the next Generation!


I teach at a number of high-achieving schools in London - These include Durston House and Marylebone Boy's School. Both of these schools have a reputation for both outstanding results academically but also a fierce dedication to the arts. I am proud to inspire students of all ages in these schools.


I am a passionate and dedicated teacher. I am so indebted and inspired by all the teachers I have had in the past, not just for my musical studies but all my educational pursuits in life. This admiration of those who helped me is what inspires me to give my all to give the same feeling to those I teach.

I am determined to foster three main points in my teaching. These are 1) Technical progress 2) Enjoyment of the art 3) Expansion of the mind. These three factors are required for the healthy progress of any student. In order to be able to express what we want to say, we must have the necessary tools to show it. Enjoyment is also key, as not only does it foster greater, more efficient progress, but it gives meaning to why you are learning the instrument. It is not designed and shouldn't be a slog. It should be an art which fills your heart with emotion. Finally, as music is the expression of all that happens in our lives, the expansion of the mind should be a natural conclusion of the other two factors as well as curiosity and adventure in life. Each piece of music explores very specific emotions, written in very specific circumstances. It is fascinating to unravel and discover what our ancestors went through and how they allow us to experience that in our time.


I have a tried and tested method, which is designed to make every part of the technique very simple. I also have a very questioning approach to fostering musical understanding. Everyone has their own voice, and I want to hear it! For that I cannot flood their minds with my own ideas, and I only push my ideas in the event I feel they do not yet have any ideas that they want. In this event it is still open to discussion and designed more towards stimulating their ideas than impressing my own. I want all my students to tell me what they want to say. This is essential to be a musician. Finally, I expect and encourage wider research whether it be reading, videos, documentaries. I don't mind where it comes from but to understand the backdrop of the music will ultimately give them a greater understanding in life.


Do you like what you have read here about my philosoyphy? Would you like to learn with me? I offer a trial lesson to all students before they commit to me and I commit to them. This is charged at £20 for an hour.

Should we proceed on this journey together, my rates in the following are as follows:

2 hours       - £75

1.5 hours    - £60

1 hour         - £44

45 minutes - £35

30 minutes - £27

I will be setting up an online surgery in the near future with reduced rates for lessons via skype! If you are interested in this service please contact me via my contact page.

As this is a new service, I am also very open to any feedback that you would have for the service.

The online surgery can help you with many different challenges. I recommend particularly for the following, but I can tailor my lessons to your demands:

  1. Last minute audition preparation

    1. Conservatoire

    2. Youth Orchestra

  2. Specific technical challenges can be tackled.

    1. such as spiccato, vibrato, agility, string crossing etc.

  3. Need a high quality teacher to run a programme through and give performance feedback.

  4. ABRSM exam preparation

    1. Aural

    2. Sight Reading

    3. Pieces

    4. Scales


This list is far from exhaustive. If you have questions, please ask. I try and accomodate all demands as far as possible.

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