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Home is where the Heart is

After years away from home now, even though I am only 3 hours away, what I love about Hull is coming more sharply than ever into focus. It has been and for me, forever will be the friendliest place I have ever set foot, and the most unique city in the UK, isolated from the rest of the country in a way, it has maintained so much which has been lost through the fires of modernisation.

I am writing this now as I try and give back in the best way I can to my hometown for all they have done for me. I am in the process of setting up a new recital series in Hull's oldest church, St Mary's Lowgate. It is a church from the 14th century, and as would be expected is absolutely steeped in history! Sadly despite surviving two civil wars and two world wars, it seems to have more problems now than ever before... There is a huge amount of money to be raised to fix the many problems the church has. I hope that although, this series will not nearly generate enough on its own, I can contribute financially to the fund, and also enhance the musical surroundings in the area, and bring joy to my dear friends of Hull.

It is funny, that I also think Hull is perfect for restoring or perhaps creating for the first time even, a genuine ethos of classical music for everyone! I dream of free concerts where people can relax after work, and soothe their minds, whether you are a business executive or if you are unemployed. These are not factors which should affect someones access to this! Everyone deserves the chance and I hope I can encourage lots to take up this chance and be as excited as I am.

I regret, even though I am only 22, how late I became interested in the history of my home town, as the significance of the city historically is off the scale. From the decision to deny access to the king, starting the civil war, to William Wilberforce championing the movement against slavery, it is amazing what has happened in Hull, and the potential for equally amazing things to happen in the future!

I love Hull and always will! The people are the friendliest, most honest people you can meet. It might not be an economic powerhouse, leading the world but it is quietly home to a beautiful community.

There is a remarkable modesty, and great strength within the city, pubs from the 1550s, and some glorious architecture. The stories my grandparents told me about the tragedies in hull during the 2nd world war, the worst bombed city except London... yet never mentioned, as part of the mission to keep morale high. Yet even through this, there was a resilience that never broke. A determination to keep going.

Welcome to Hull! My most beloved hometown!!

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