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Casalmaggiore Part 3 of 3

So, after a huge delay (Apologies!!!) I have finally found time to finish my blog on Casalmaggiore! I thought this could be a beautiful round-up of my Italian Experience :)

So, this is definitely the most all-encompassing course I have been on and in so many ways, this makes it the most enjoyable, most educational and most useful course I have ever attended. The performance opportunities are just the most invaluable opportunities for young musicians and the fact in ten days I had four performances both solo and chamber is fantastic. The Tchaikovsky winner Johannes Moser said in an interview that beyond the progress we make, we should not just practise playing the cello but PERFORMING. He described how he used to play even if only in front of 5 people but on a very regular basis so it is comfortable! This is something Casalmaggiore is wonderful for!

The lessons received from Sung-won Yang were phenomenal. we had four lessons together and in such detail we managed to cover four completely different aspects of my playing, all equally useful, but as the saying goes the sum was worth so much more than the parts! The more I combine what I have learnt, the better each improvement seems to be on its own! The Recreation at Casalmaggiore is pretty awesome as well, from spending the afternoon in the sun-soaked outdoor pool, to drinks in the evening, to some interesting pop music in the piazza, you could find all sorts to do! My god the Gelato is AMAZING in that town!!! I myself am a big fan of architecture, so I found the whole town fascinating, with a great variety of styles. Lets be honest, Italy is not a country where architecture is going to disappoint!

I have made great friends on this course all of whom I am sure I will see in the very near future, and some of whom I have already caught up with in London! I have discovered many new and amazing works, top of the list is Enescu octet which I have already started organising to perform in London soon!

I sincerely hope I will be able to return next year and for longer! The stay was far too short, and (subject to passing my test on the 29th :p ) I will hopefully be driving next year, so can explore even more of the surrounding areas! :)

Thanks Casalmaggiore for an amazing summer!!

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