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We are delighted to have raised over £1500 for St Mary's, Lowgate.

We reached an audience of 500 people in total!

We brought musicians from Brazil, USA, Lithuania, Colombia, Austria, Russia and our great own United Kingdom!

We managed too support  10 young Hull born and raised "local heroes"

What a resounding success, and all done on the goodwill of the people behind the project. My most heartfelt thanks to all the artists who came, the Duffy-Howards who have provided a photo diary of the concerts and given us lovely reviews, Andrew Penny MBE who has guided me expertly and honestly in my inaugural foray into the world of Events managing.

Kate Bateman
Ivan Alekhin
Thomas Bertolotti

"The concert was in aid of St Mary’s restoration fund – a beautiful setting – and was the first of a series of concerts that Tom has planned to raise the profile of superb classical music in the church. We were all utterly inspired – it was awesome!" - Rich & Lou Duffy-Howard after the preview concert.

Intimate classics in the City


I am hosting a concert series in the most beautiful setting of St Mary's, Lowgate, Hull. I am making this series free for all, and am hoping to engage the whole city in Classical music! These will be short evening concerts at 6pm on the third Friday of each month. I am excited to ba able to bring some of my dear friends, and some of the most talented young musicians from across the world including places as far spread as Brazil and America as well as Europe. This City gave me the most wonderful upbringing and what I have now I want to give back to this profound city! 

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